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Posted Date:26/06/2019
    Job Number: J0000199

Position Title:         Contract Garment Technician

Type:                     Contract

Location:               Auckland

Tasks and Expected Outcome:

For styles produced offshore and those produced under ‘total supply’ agreement the garment technician/ patternmaker is in conjunction with the Production Department responsible for:

1. Effectively communicate and specify design and pattern alterations to allow contractors to create high quality, accurate patterns.

·         Instruct and manage patternmaking workflow with offshore producers and their agents as to pattern development of new styles and alterations to existing styles by providing highly detailed specifications, measurements and diagrams. Clearly identifying any variances from samples or base patterns.

·         The garment technician/patternmaker is responsible for effective communication with contractors on all pattern related issues with particular attention to ‘total supply companies’.  This includes providing grading instructions, measurement charts, sitting in on fittings and advice when required.

·         Responsible for managing the checking and measuring of samples to approved specified measurements on the days that you are working in-house.

·         Involvement with fittings to advise and ensure a clear level of understanding is undertaken by the contractor or agent as to necessary pattern changes. If agent is not present manage the taking of clear notes on changes to patterns and relate spec sheet information.

·         Assist and advise production department with pattern issues for offshore production.

·         Monitor quality control procedures to ensure garments are produced to company quality standards and that deadlines are met.

2. Assists with training and management of in-house staff to enable them to perform to the best of their potential.

·         Works closely with the Patternmakers, Pattern room Assistant, Workroom Assistant and Production Designer to ensure that staffs are capable of operating to a highly efficient level by teaching systems and procedures that will improve efficiency and accuracy with particular attention paid to effective communication with total supply companies in terms of specification sheets and measurement charts.

·         Review workload for the week with the assistant patternmaker at the end of your two day work period to clearly establish what is to be done in your absence to allow the meeting of deadlines.

·         Review the measuring of samples done by in-house staff, double checking measurements that are outside tolerance working with staff to fit garments to establish the degree of the inaccuracy caused by measurements outside tolerance, offering solutions to problems.

3. Creates highly accurate patterns and Specification sheets to meet specifications of the design team.

·         Proficient use of Lectra pattern design system to produce patterns that meet designer specifications, including grading of patterns when required.

·         Creates detailed and highly accurate specification sheets and measurements charts to make communication as clear as possible using diagrams, sketches and templates where appropriate to ensure accurate interpretation and to assist the sampling/ production process.

·         Works in conjunction with the production co-ordinator to ensure all fabrics, trims, linings and fusings are accurately entered into the specification sheets in the GPS system on the styles that you are working on.

4. Assists with fittings and the production of sample garments.

·         Assist Production Designer and Patternmaking Assistant with arranging fittings, ensuring that all information required by the designer has been collated (shrinkage, wash tests, etc.) and that the quality of garments has been checked. Directing workroom staff to ensure that samples are well presented and pressed ready for fitting.

·         Oversee construction of samples by in house machinists overseeing samples produced by outworkers to ensure they are made to company quality standards.

5. The Garment Technician/Patternmaker will undertake other duties as reasonably directed by the managing director from time-to-time.

·         All duties required are performed in the best interests of the company are done so in a competent and effective manner.

·         It must be noted that this is a new position in the company, thus the role could develop in a number of different ways.  To allow for this we have made this job description ‘provisional’ and it must be accepted that change is reasonably likely to occur.


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