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  Operations Manager
Posted Date:16/03/2018
    Job Number: J0000891


Position:                       Chief Operating Officer

Location:                      Auckland


Our client is an innovative, disruptive group buying e-commerce business, connecting consumers directly with factories from around the world, to supply products at better than wholesale prices. While they have established a successful business model, they now need an experienced COO to run the daily operations and contribute to the functionality and profitability of this exciting new company. This is a fast paced business and they require someone with vision and energy to assist with its rapid expansion.



Purpose: To contribute to the profitability and growth of the company through managing the company.


Identify new product opportunities in cooperation with sourcing employees for our customers in the  diverse sectors in which the company operates.

Through clever marketing persuade customers to place orders through the company website on terms that meet their profit objectives, and arrange production of ordered merchandise through company approved factory resources, on time, in full and to specification.


To collaborate with internal staff, service providers, customers, and suppliers in a way that motivates the mutual achievement of goals.

To provide a physically safe workplace at the company, and opportunities for employees to achieve their potential.

1. Planning & Negotiating

To plan the work of the company Team & negotiate with suppliers.


1.1         Forecasting

The COO is planning and implementing a product program in conjunction with the Buyers, as appropriate, to ensure current and future product trends are identified and suppliers sourced.

The forecasts of product trends made in the office are supported by comprehensive monitoring of internet trend/international product sites, relevant to our customers.

On a continuous basis, the COO ensures Buyers make, and Production Controllers record in the approved format, detailed forecasts of the Sales and Gross Profit achievable with respect to each product for the current planning season. Forecasting sampling costs of items to be included. These forecasts have the approval of the CEO in total.

To negotiate with service providers on all fronts both nationally and internationally to ensure all services are provided at the best price possible.

The COO is making forecasts, at least once per year at Budget time, of the future resources required by the Office to achieve the Sales and Profit objectives set, and gaining understanding and acceptance of these from the CEO.

1.2 Developing Objectives

All positions in the Office are covered by position descriptions.

Leading a process whereby all direct reports to the COO develop annual specific objectives for their area of accountability that are approved by the CEO.

The COO is developing annual strategic objectives for their own position that are approved by the CEO.

1.3 Programming and Scheduling- (Action Plans)

Specific objectives of significance to the year’s result which require a complex set of action steps, are the subject of written action plans.

1.4 Budgeting

Budgets are prepared by the COO with the assistance of the direct reports, and the approval of the CEO obtained.

 2. Organizing

To arrange and relate the work to be done in the Office, such that the team members can discharge their responsibilities logically and effectively.


2.1 Developing Organization Structure

An organization chart is developed and maintained covering all positions in the Office, it is approved by the CEO. In an annual review with the CEO, or more frequently if needed, the COO confirms that the chart reflects how work is being allocated, and that there are not better alternatives.

2.2 Delegating

Responsibility is delegated to each position in the Office with commensurate authority and accountability for achieving the results defined for that position.

Understanding and acceptance of the responsibility delegated is confirmed in the annual management evaluation/appraisal process, or more frequently if appropriate.

2.3 Developing Relationships.

Each direct report to the General Manager understands in what circumstances they have authority and also which employees have related authority in the matters they deal with. This made clear through position descriptions, meetings convened as thought fit by the COO, and clear direction from the COO on operational matters.

3. Leading

To lead the work of the Office team


3.1 Decision making

Decision making authority is delegate to all people in the office consistent with the responsibility of the position.

Decisions taken within the sales office are seen by the team to be sound, logical, and well based, and after input from as many of those impacted by the decision as practical.

3.2 Communication

The COO is conducting regular meetings within the office team to ensure that all the direct reports and the others as appropriate are aware of the state of and the main issues to be dealt with as agreed, and that the Office team members have the opportunity to air suggestions for improvement of its business.  

Key performance indicators of the Office are widely communicated and discussed within the office.

An atmosphere is created within the Office where listening skills are developed, and two way open communication is encouraged with respect to current operating issues and opportunities and individual performance.

3.3 Motivation

The COO is ensuring each individual’s worth is periodically acknowledged.

Salary recommendations are made by the COO that are adequate for each position.

The COO creates the opportunity every month to positively reinforce desired behaviour, through public and private recognition of individuals and teams who have behaved or achieved as desired.

3.4 Selecting People

All employees in the Office team are selected in accordance with priorities that value the attitudes and behaviour appropriate to the position at least as highly as the appropriate technical knowledge and experience.


Position Descriptions and people specifications are prepared are in place to guide recruitment for every new appointment to a position in the office.

4. Controlling

To control the work of the Office team.


4.1 Developing Performance Standards

Performance standards (or KPI’s- Key Performance Indicators)) are set with respect to all critical work areas and major specific objectives within the office, and these are understood and accepted by those responsible for outcomes.

4.2 Measuring Performance

Measuring, recording and reporting of progress and results against plan are conducted to a schedule appropriate to the issue.

4.3 Evaluating Performance

Evaluation of progress and results against standard are conducted to a schedule as preset and causes of deviation determined.

A formal performance reviews is conducted at least once per year for all positions reporting to the COO, the results of which are reported to the CEO.

6. Identifying new product/categories

To initiate the identification and evaluation of strategic opportunities with respect to potential new product/categories and customers, and to develop and execute a strategy to secure such  products and customers as agreed with the CEO.

7. Clearance of Unplanned Stock Holdings

To manage a process whereby all unplanned holdings of the office of products/samples are identified and a sales plan is put into  action, initiated or authorized by the COO as quickly as possible to minimize the cost and funds involved.

8. Profit & Loss

To manage reporting systems in conjunction with accounting staff including budgeting, forecasting, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash flow reports.


Our confidentiality is guaranteed!

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For more information about this great opportunity,

Please contact Julie Malone on

09 368 1300 / 021 1560 111

Or email to find out more!!

  Customer Service Fashion Industry
Posted Date:16/03/2018
    Job Number: J0000798

Position:                     Customer Service Representative

Location:                    Auckland

Our client was voted Best Dry Cleaner in Auckland by Metro magazine and they have an unrivalled reputation for quality and service. They are looking for a Customer Service Representative to assist their customers with top service.

Key Responsibilities:

·        Meet and greet customers.

·        Discuss with the customer the type of cleaning or repair services they require or  process garment pick ups.

·        Check over garments to ensure there is no other areas of concern and identify any other areas of staining or repairs needed.

·        Process the garments through the till system with order detailing and give the customer the required paperwork.

·        Interact with the Repairs and Alterations department on orders.

·        Assembly, bagging and racking of orders.  

·        Develop comprehensive knowledge of our services to effectively address customers’ needs and queries.

·        Attend to telephone enquiries regarding services. 

·        Ensure high standards of store presentation at all times.


Skills, Experience and Attributes Required:

·       Previous experience in a Customer Service role is essential.

·       Strong interpersonal skills.

·       Highly organised.

·       Computer literate.

·       Fluent English.

·       Excellent verbal communication.

·       Excellent personal presentation.

The successful candidate will have the ability to learn and apply new skills quickly and will be focussed on detail.  Full training will be given.


Our confidentiality is guaranteed!

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For more information about this great opportunity,

Please contact Julie Malone on

09 368 1300 / 021 1560 111

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Posted Date:15/02/2018
    Job Number: J0000770

Position                    Workroom  Internship

Location:                   Auckland

Our client is a NZ designer with a workroom in Newmarket, Auckland. They are looking for 1 Workroom Intern to provide assistance to the Production Director, from the product handover stage through to dispatch to store, to ensure the production runs to timeline and that all records are maintained accurately. The internship will be for a 3 month unpaid period with the successful candidate moving into a full time paid role.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Work with Production Director to  Quality Control at all points of the garments life from fabric to finished garments.
  • Maintain critical path to ensure handovers are met.
  • Liaise with Cutters and other staff members to ensure fabrics and trims arrive on time.
  • Assist to maintain fabric library.
  • Monitor style development from start through to finished product working with the construction and design team.
  • Be able to assist in the cutting area with laying up and hand cutting if required.

 Skills, Experience and Attributes Required:

  • A tertiary qualification is desirable.
  • Garment construction knowledge essential.
  • Keen eye for detail.
  • Team player.
  • Accurate data entry skills.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Computer literacy.

 If you are looking for a start in the fashion industry send us your CV now.


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Please contact Julie Malone on

09 368 1300 / 021 1560 111

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Posted Date:16/03/2018
    Job Number: J0000890


Position:                       Delivery Driver

Location:                      Auckland


We are looking for a superstar to help out with delivery driving and general duties which would include QC, pick pack and stock counts etc.

You would need to be able to drive a rather large manual van, be really personable and chatty (as they will be dealing with the likes of Verge, Kate Sylvester, Macjays, H&M’s production and warehouse staff), physically fit for loading and offloading garments, very reliable, have great attention to detail for counting and picking garments for dispatch, fabric and garment knowledge is an advantage for QC.

Key Responsibilities:

Maintain and foster a good relationship with the customer as a representative of the business.

Drive to and deliver customer’s garments according to a pre-determined route

Unload garments from van.

Verify delivery of correct items with customer and obtain proper signatures.

Maintain logs as required throughout the day.

Preform pre-trip duties including, but not limited to checking route, loading and paperwork.

Be proactive in growing opportunities and provide leads by sourcing new clients.

Build strong relationships with the clients you service to ensure high customer loyalty.

Assist with production and customer service duties as needed.

At this stage our client could offer part time with 20 hours per week (usually mornings), but there would also be weeks where it would be up to 40 hours during busy times, so flexibility is also important.

Our confidentiality is guaranteed!

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Please contact Julie Malone on

09 368 1300 / 021 1560 111

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  Account Manager
Posted Date:15/02/2018
    Job Number: J0000883

Position Description Job Title International Account Manager Reporting to CEO Purpose To lead the relationship with key customers - partnering with the customer to understand their business strategy, innovate and grow sales. Role summary Responsible for the achievement of budgeted sales and margin contribution for allocated International customers. Build outstanding relationships with allocated customers, acting as the key interface between the customer and company. Contribute and influence the development of the product range for allocated customers that fit within the company's Top 20 strategic focus. Assist with marketing activities; implementing marketing initiatives as required. Plan and implement product and customer development strategies effectively and efficiently. Relationships Direct Reports: Sales Co-ordinators Internal: Operations Manager, Sales Team, Innovation Team, Planning Team, Finance Team, External: Customers, and supply chain partners Accountability & Performance Measures Account Management Work collaboratively with key customers to build strategic account plans to enable growth Manage the level of activities for each key customer ensuring we have a balanced commercial and customer relevant approach Administer and document price lists, special pricing, trading terms, credit limits and customer meeting minutes Efficient management of all aspects of nominated key accounts, including: Accurate and timely forecasting Effective inventory management Raw material planning management to meet required deliveries Sales order information Pricing and margin management QC reporting Innovation projects Development and management of timelines and critical path schedules Customer compliance requirements Development of existing customers to achieve revenue growth Achievement of budgeted revenue and margin for allocated customers Accuracy and timely delivery of forecasting data Reduce inventory write down costs Customer issues resolved quickly and promptly Marketing and Business Development Gain understanding of customer requirements and positioning in the market place Identification of segment opportunities and pricing strategies Development and Implementation of marketing initiatives Introduction of new high potential customer accounts as appropriate to increase sales volume and revenue Monitor, analyse and report on market conditions and competitive behaviour Contribute to tradeshow activities ensuring all costs are within budget and customer meetings are focussed and delivering value Achievement of budgeted revenue and margin Accurate execution and timing of marketing initiatives New high potential accounts identified and on-boarded efficiently and seamlessly Tradeshows run efficiently, within budget and value is realised for both the company and the customer Innovation Contribute to the Innovation process for your key accounts in line with top 20 customer focus, ensuring we develop commercial solutions while meeting the customer brief Manage the briefing process for key customer requirements, understanding product specifications and price points and ensuring the brief to the NPD team is clear and concise Attending key customer meetings presenting new products, with support from Product Development staff Achievement of budgeted revenue and margin Accurate execution and timing of marketing initiatives New high potential accounts identified and on-boarded efficiently and seamlessly Tradeshows run efficiently, within budget and value is realised for both the company and the customer Process Improvement Adopt a mind-set of continuous improvement in all areas of responsibility, inspiring team members to do the same Identify opportunities to improve speed and accuracy of information delivery to customers and their contractors Adoption of efficient internal processes Speed and accuracy of information to market Relationship Management Develop effective and collaborative relationships with both customers and contractors ensuring a high level of professionalism at all times Foster outstanding internal relationships with all areas of the business promoting a culture of teamwork and collaboration at all levels Coach Sales Co-ordinators on your team, helping them to develop while exceeding customer expectations. Strong customer relationships and enhancement of company's reputation Effectiveness of internal relationships (based on peer review) Leadership Improvise and work effectively in an unstructured environment Results driven, team player Ability to make sound business decisions with minimal supervision Think both strategically and tactically against business objectives Influence various levels of management while optimising collaboration Analyse and process large amounts of data from multiple sources Ensure the team are equipped with the skills needed to support the operational and commercial process Strong relationships with team to ensure influence and best outcomes Our confidentiality is guaranteed! Register with us today and apply online!! Like us on Facebook! For more information about this great opportunity, Please contact Julie Malone on 09 368 1300 / 021 1560 111 Or email to find out more!

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